*Please note, this video is slightly outdated, but still helpful when navigating the fixed route system. An update ‘How to Ride’ video will be available soon.*


If you are new to Erie, a new rider, or if you will be taking the “e” to a new destination, there are several ways you can get the information you need prior to your trip. Bus schedules are available at our offices, bus shelters, this website, or by downloading the myStop app.

EMTA wants your ride on our buses to be safe and pleasant. To provide the best possible service, and to greatly reduce your chances of injury during transit, please adhere to the following rider’s guide.

For information on ‘How to Ride’ the EMTA LIFT. Please see an overview tutorial here.

Find Your Ride

  • The system map shows you where each route travels around the City of Erie and Erie County. Begin by finding a route number closest to your starting point.
  • An alternative to using the system map is to utilize the myStop App, Google or Apple Maps. A tutorial on how to use these options are available.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early and make sure you are visible as you stand at your bus stop.
  • e bus stops are marked with posted bus signs; we recommend always waiting at a marked stop if possible in order to ensure safety for all.
  • If a marked stop is not nearby along the bus route, please stand at a safe corner and ‘wave-down’ your desired bus. Please contact EMTA’s customer service department to help determine a safe place for you to wait for pickup. You are also able to request exiting the bus at any safe corner. Certain areas, such as downtown areas or upper Peach Street can only stop at designated stops.
  • Be sure to either read the bus destination signs, or make sure you have checked the route time and destination schedule before boarding. All “e” buses are marked with both the names and the numbers of the routes they serve and are located on the front of each bus.
  • Make sure you have the exact fare or your bus pass ready when you board.
  • Bus fare can be purchased with exact change in cash on the farebox on the bus, at our ticketing office or with the Token Transit app. Find out which fare option is best for you.
  • If you need to take more than one bus to complete a one-way trip, tell your driver you need to purchase a transfer with your fare. Transfers must be purchased when you board the bus, and they are good for two hours.
  • Please read and adhere the EMTA Prohibited Items Policy prior to boarding the e.

Boarding the e

Board the bus in an orderly and considerate manner helps promote a timely departure from the stop.

  • As a general guideline, please stand approximately two feet from the curb and wait until the bus comes to complete stop before boarding the bus.
  • Always be aware of weather conditions, traffic conditions, and other potential hazards such as curbs or potholes that may be in the path to the bus.
  • Never walk beside the bus, especially between the curb and the bus, and remain visible at all times. Please have your bus pass or fare ready, as well as any strollers or shopping carts folded prior to boarding. Please note bus aisles need to remain clear for the safety of our passengers.
  • Please have your children ready to board and stroller folded before the bus pulls up.

After Boarding the e

Once you have boarded the “e,” please find a seat.

  • If a seat is not available, you may use the handrails and/or hanging loops to stabilize yourself while standing.
  • Please allow or offer the seats at the front of the bus to the elderly, disabled, or anyone less able to stand than you out of courtesy.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking during transit. Doing so may cause unnecessary debris around the bus or create slipping hazards if a beverage becomes accidentally spilled. Exceptions may include persons with a medical need or emergency. Please be sure that any beverage brought onto the bus is tightly sealed and spill proof.
  • Listening to digital content through a personal electronic device is allowed via the use of personal headphones. Please do not use external speakers so others are not disturbed during their ride. Please also keep any personal conversations on your cell phone at a low volume.
  • Greeting your bus driver is appreciated and courteous; however, please note the bus drivers’ priority is the safety of our passengers, as well as those in traffic. In order to limit bus driver distractions, we ask that you not engage in conversation with bus operators, especially during transit and inclement weather conditions. Allowing our bus drivers the opportunity to fully focus on the road provides best safety practices for everyone on and around the bus.
  • Be sure to secure all your personal belongings during transit. EMTA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Should you discover you accidentally left any of your personal belongings on the bus after leaving, please feel free to contact customer service (814)-459-8922, extension 119. Items found on the bus will be held for 10 days.
  • ‘Ride-Arounds’ are not permitted. Meaning, you must exit the bus at the end of its trip or loop.

Exiting the e

Be sure to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before boarding and exiting the “e.”

  • In order to safely exit the bus, please pull the “stop requested” signal line running alongside the windows before the bus reaches your intended destination.
  • All passengers must remain behind the yellow line near the driver’s seat while the bus is in operation.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before walking down any steps or near the exit doors.
  • You may exit the bus before waiting passenger’s board.
  • Please be aware of all traffic, road and weather conditions, as well as where the curb is upon your departure from the bus.
  • Once you exit the bus, it is important to allow the bus to pull away prior to crossing the road.
  • DO NOT cross in front of the bus. Allowing the bus to leave first enables you to have a better view of oncoming traffic and makes the operator’s departure safer.
  • Using crosswalks and pedestrian traffic signals offer you the safest way to cross the street.

Travel Training

The Travel Training Program is a FREE service for those who want to learn how to travel independently using the fixed-route (the e) or paratransit service (LIFT). We offer training to both groups and individuals. For the fixed-route service (the e), learn:

  • How to read route maps/schedules
  • Different bus fare options
  • How to transfer
  • EMTA’s transit tracking options

For the paratransit service (LIFT), learn about the different policies, procedures, and how to make your advance pick-up reservation. Get on board with EMTA and schedule your Travel Training today by calling 814-459-8922!

Monthly Travel Training Classes are available.

Class sizes are limited. You must call to reserve your spot in order to attend.