EMTA Bus Safety

EMTA’s goal is to provide a safe and comfortable ride to all passengers and protect it’s employees. Please adhere to the following Bus Safety policies as well as the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority – Rider Code of Conduct

Emergency Evacuation

During an emergency situation, it is very important to exit the bus in an orderly fashion as quick as possible. Emergency windows are marked and can be removed, as well as the emergency roof hatch. The driver will open all exit doors. Please leave the bus at your closest exit point and wait in a safe area for further direction, as appropriate. Do not re-enter the bus for any personal belongings. If it is safe, and you are able to help, please render aid to those in need without sacrificing your own safety. Please remain in a safe area until released by authorities.

Emergency Medical Disclosure

The EMTA does not provide any emergency medical services. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or an emergency medical services. The EMTA cannot provide you emergency transportation or provide medical actions. If an emergency happens on board, in a shelter or other EMTA properties the EMTA will contact the appropriate emergency services. EMTA personal are prohibited from performing any medical tasks including but not limited to CPR, administering epinephrine, Narcan, other medications or defibrillators.

Suspicious Activity

If you observe any suspicious activity or items during transit, please calmly and safely alert the bus operator. Suspicious activity may include, but is not limited to:

  • Unusual physical behavior
  • Mental health concerns
  • Escalating arguments and/or loud profanity
  • Unusual noise
  • Unusual smell
  • Unattended bags, boxes and/or packages

Please use your best judgement when reporting any suspicious activity or items to the bus operator. They will determine the next course of action.


It is the goal of EMTA to create a safe, pleasant, and comfortable atmosphere for our passengers, vendors, contractors, and employees.  In order to promote this positive atmosphere, harassment, verbal abuse, and intimidation of any nature, is prohibited on buses, at stops and shelters, and on EMTA property. Passengers are expected to behave in a cordial manner, as will our employees. Harassment is any discriminatory behavior that is exhibited by a person. That includes discriminatory statements or improper actions with regards to sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, religion, disability, or gender identification.  Harassment can also include the use of foul, threatening, or loud language directed at a person or employee.

If EMTA management concludes that discriminatory behavior has occurred, they reserve the right to prohibit the offending person from riding buses or working at or being on EMTA property for a period of time, up to a permanent ban.  Local law enforcement will also respond, as needed, to ensure a safe environment.

False claims against passengers or employees will also be handled accordingly and are prohibited.

Additionally, panhandling and soliciting are not tolerated and strongly prohibited. If an operator finds a rider soliciting from other passengers or the driver, they may be removed from the bus.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items on EMTA Buses, Properties, or Shelters:

  • Firearms/ammunition or weapons and/or sharp objects of any kind
    • Including knives/blades, brass knuckles, bows & arrows or toy-like weapons
  • Alcohol, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
  • Use of tobacco/tobacco paraphernalia during transit
    • Including lighters, matches, e-cigarettes, pipes, chew tobacco, and/or vape pens
  • Corrosive and/or dangerous chemicals or materials
  • Flammable liquids, incendiaries, explosives and/or fireworks
  • Distribution of handbills or literature
  • Large, bulky items
    • Items cannot block aisle
    • Foldable shopping carts and strollers must be folded prior to on-boarding the bus
  • Open-container beverages
  • Food/Eating or drinking during transit
    • Exception: In a medical emergency food and/or a spill-proof beverage will be permitted
  • Animals
    • Exception: services animals or small animals in a pet cage carrier
  • Hoverboards or One-wheel Skateboards due to risk of fire
    • Exception: Segways, if used as a personal mobility aid, may be reasonably accommodated per the Americans with Disabilities Act
    • To request a copy of EMTA’s Segway Policy, please reach out to our ADA Coordinator, Julie Meyers found on the ADA page

Americans with Disabilities Act

EMTA offers special assistance to passengers who have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If a passenger is in a Scooter, it is highly recommended they move to a seat due to Scooter’s having the tendency to fall over. The driver may ask a passenger if they would like to move into a seat.

Passengers with disabilities, whether visible or not, will be given priority front seating access. If a mobility device is being used, the driver will secure your device using the securement system installed on the bus. This securement is mandatory for everyone’s safety. The passenger may use a lap belt or deny this service once offered.

Our buses are equipped with a ramp and kneeling device. You may request this service during onboarding and/or offboarding. Please notify the bus operator of any reasonable accommodations needed during your trip.

Service animals are welcome on our vehicles and must leashed and well behaved. Please keep your service animal as close to you as possible. For more information on EMTA ADA efforts please visit the ADA page.