Buses are moving billboards circulating in the busiest areas of the city. Bus advertising offers exposure to local commuters, drivers, and pedestrians. These “moving billboards” are typically displayed on the exterior of the bus and come in a variety of sizes and high-impact formats to reach your audience. Bus ads move throughout residential and core business areas, delivering your message throughout the marketplace all day, every day. Buses go where people go!


EMTA averages 7,500 impressions per bus and 51,000 impressions per bus shelter every month. These figures are based upon ridership and do not include the thousands of impressions your ads will attract from the general public.

Our System

EMTA (Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority) provides over 3 million rides a year in Erie County. In operation since 1966, EMTA currently operates 30 fixed routes throughout Erie city and county including: Albion, Cranesville, Elk Creek, Erie, Fairview, Girard, Harborcreek, Lake City, Lawrence Park, McKean, Millcreek, North East, Summit, Union City, Waterford, Washington, and Wayne townships. In order to provide reliable service to as many as possible in Erie County, these fixed routes operate an average of over 20 hours and over 5,500 miles each day, Monday through Sunday.

See our interactive system map here: http://emta.availtec.com/InfoPoint/

See our shelter locations here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W7yz3fg802WtyyMBkPAdsv4-QoU&usp=sharing

Demographic Information

Population: https://platform.remix.com/map/a7053df?latlng=42.06255,-79.98871,z11&layer=2668

Poverty: https://platform.remix.com/map/a7053df?latlng=42.06255,-79.98871,z11&layer=2670

Minority: https://platform.remix.com/map/a7053df?latlng=42.06255,-79.98871,z11&layer=2671

Senior Citizen: https://platform.remix.com/map/a7053df?latlng=42.06255,-79.98871,z11&layer=2672

Youth: https://platform.remix.com/map/a7053df?latlng=42.06255,-79.98871,z11&layer=2673

Disabled: https://platform.remix.com/map/a7053df?latlng=42.06255,-79.98871,z11&layer=2676

More Information

For examples, prices, and impressions please download our media kit here.

EMTA advertising pricing will experience an adjustment effective 01/01/2023. Advertisers under current contract will not be subject to change. See the updated media kit here.

For all advertising questions, please email emtamedia@ride-the-e.com .