EMTA recognizes the culturally diverse population it serves. In efforts to service riders who may not speak English or have limited English proficiency, EMTA offers over-the-phone interpreters by request. If you, someone you know or provide services to is in need of voice interpreters please call the customer service line a request to speak to someone in the preferred language.

EMTA service information is available in print in a number of languages by request. Please contact emtamedia@ride-the-e.com or contact customer service at 814.452.3515

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Language should never be a barrier to transportation services. At EMTA, we seek to provide an inclusive service, no matter what languages our customers speak. Limited English Proficient, or “LEP” customers may be entitled to language assistance with respect to a particular type of service, benefit, or encounter. As EMTA advances our LEP program, we ask for your feedback so we may better our service to you.

Please complete the form below to better inform the EMTA on our LEP population.

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