EMTA is considering options to improve bus service for current and future riders. The maps below show two potential service scenarios. To compare the two scenario maps, simply move the slider circle in the center of the map left or right.

The two service scenarios have a similar “footprint,” meaning they provide a similar level of service coverage. However, they differ significantly in their service designs. Scenario 1 aims to maximize access to downtown. This means that most routes funnel into the State Street corridor providing riders with a one-seat ride to downtown Erie, without the need for a transfer. Scenario 2 aims to maximize cross-town connections, making it easier to travel between the east and west side of Erie without the need to transfer. However, under this scenario, passenger traveling to downtown Erie may have to transfer to Route 1 along Peach or State Street to complete their trip.

Recently, scenario 3 has been added to combine efforts of scenario 1 and 2. Please review all scenario information below and maps that correspond with it. Get more information about scenario 3 here.

Scenario 2 of the EMTA bus route.Scenario 1 of the EMTA bus route.