EMTA has increased our cleaning and disinfecting measures for the safety of our riders amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.
Please see below for complete procedures that are in effect. Thank you.

EMTA Bus Cleaning Process:

  1. Designated bus cleaners will secure their appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and cleaning cart with supplies.
  2. The cleaning crew first targets bus interiors to be detailed.
  3. Bus cleaners work as a two or three-member team.
  4. One cleaner will address the front of the bus interior (wipe down driver’s area, dash and front window,etc.).
  5. The second cleaner will address the rear of the bus interior to the front (wipe down seats, railings/yellow poles and windows, floors, etc.).
  6. If a third cleaner is available that individual will concentrate solely on the floors (sweep and mop).
  7. Upon completion of the interior detailing, the bus is then fogged with disinfectant.
  8. Cleaning team moves onto subsequent bus and restock their supplies.
  9. All cleaning supplies are labeled and kept in the appropriate storage cabinets.  Mops, buckets and cabinets are cleaned and equipment stored.
  10. Cleaning crew documents work conducted.