EMTA Free Fares FAQs

  • When will the free fare period begin and end?
    • Temporary free fares will begin July 5th and end August 29th.
  • Do masks have to be worn on EMTA buses?
    • Yes, despite the lifting of restrictions in Pennsylvania masks must still be worn on buses as per guidelines set forth by the FTA and will expire September 13, 2021.
  • how is the cost of the service covered?
    • EMTA will provide the temporary free fare service period with funds provided by the CARES as a part of the economic recovery initiative.
  • Why launch free fare service now?
    • The EMTA Board passed the resolution June 28th to authorize the temporary free fares to build ridership momentum as the Governor lifted the pandemic restrictions. EMTA did not provide free fares during the pandemic as social distancing guidelines would not allow for increased number of riders.
  • What EMTA services are included with free fares?
    • The free fare service includes fixed route rides and the LIFT paratransit service.
  • Why provide free fares?
    • As a demonstration that EMTA is doing its part to return riders to work and back to social engagements with lifted restrictions.
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